Ms. Ashley Patice


Get Acquainted


Ashley Patrice is abundantly resourceful and  a well-rounded individual that has excelled  at being passionately motivated and self-driven. A hard worker has always been a part of who she is, starting a business at the age of 12 while going to school and volunteering simultaneously, is an example of the kind of upbringing that molded her into the person she is, a mastermind of keeping balance while multitasking. Having had such a strong background in the business world, working as an executive for reputable, high end corporations, being the beneficiary of the knowledge and experience from CEOs and company presidents. Working in those positions and learning what was learned has been invaluable - a true blessing, dually an upper hand, that has overflown and transformed every aspect of how yoga is taught, instructed, and channeled to how properties are are managed, marketed, shown and sold. 


Fun Facts

     On Ashley's free time she engages in things that feed her soul. For she acknowledges that inner peace and having a clear state of mind are the way to living a happy life. If she is not spending time with her loved ones she is working with local foster children teaching them life skills. She has started  her own non-profit "The Sacred Society" which will umbrella all of the local fosters providing them with the resources they need. Aside from being a philanthropist she trains daily in either yoga, Cross-fit, or for Triathlons.  


Why Ashley?


Ashley Patrice is a well-respected professional who blends a background in business management with an exceptional ability to understand the needs of her clientele and build rapport with them while ensuring the very best performance. She will give you the time and guidance you deserve. Whether you’re seeking someone you can trust for your real estate services or someone to guide and support you to build a rock-solid relationship with yourself through yoga.