The teachings of Ashley are refreshing and light, she incorporates precise cues and pose breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to personal growth. She has a keen sense for embracing the connectedness of the body, mind, and breath. She considers this style to be an awakening yoga, a Vinyasa flow  practice.  Her students regards are instantaneously transported away from the hustle of their daily lives, allowing their mat to be an area reserved for cultivating inner peace with the joy of balance and movement.


Ashley believes health, happiness, and well being are of the utmost importance. She  loves to teach and make fitness fun, cool, and accessible.  She has been an athlete her whole life excelling in yoga, golf, cross-fit, and triathlons. With an extensive background in sports Ashley has become very knowledgeable on alignment and mobility of our anatomy which familiarized her with all the different body types.  So, whether you are doing a private session in the comfort of your own home or are in one of her classes  she will make sure that you are being challenged, inspired and feeling rejuvenated. 


Yoga is for everyBODY!


Yoga is not simply a form of exercise but an extremely important agent in transformation, its physical benefits are innumerable. As a form of exercise it is a superlative one. And unlike most other forms of exercise it offers a full range of benefits not only developing flexibility but also strength, stamina and vitality. Working not only the muscles but the joints, internal organs, and connective tissues. Yoga cleanses and purifies the body of all its stored toxins, thus being the perfect fitness tool and an anti-aging elixir. The mind is also recalibrated, harmonized, revitalized and brought to its functional peak.  

Scientific studies prove that yoga can work to improve health, heal aches and pains, keep sickness at bay and even prevent disease or help recover from it.